• Research on the health status of Roma and other minority groups in Bulgaria Research on the objective health status in the Roma quarters of the towns of Sofia, Vratsa and Targovishte. Using as a source of information personal medical documentation and a medical team evaluation, the research found out an ill person in about 80% of the visited Roma households. In one-third of the households, the number of persons with health problems is 3 or more, while in 7-8% of the households, 5 or more persons suffer from health problems.

  • Health education and providing of health information to Roma, the medical personnel working in the Roma quarters and to various medical experts in the hospitals and health care centres.

  • Prevention of gravely handicapping diseases among the high-risk groups selective genetic screening for: - Limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2C, gamma-sarcoglycanopathy;
    - Hereditary sensory and motor neuropathy type Lom;
    - Congenital cataracts facial dysmorphism neuropathy syndrome
    - Congenital myasthenic syndrome
    - Galactokinase deficiency
    - Hereditary inclusion body myopathy

  • Providing of psychological support, social adaptation and equal access of chronically ill and handicapped people from the Roma communities to health care and social services;

  • Introduction of the system of Roma mediators a model for the improvement of the Roma access to health and social services
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